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4. Send a digital copy of the form and the tracking number to info@vanguardsingle.com.au
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– We will NOT purchase, pay or return cards that aren’t on the buylist. It will be treated as a generous donation to the website.
– We will NOT hold any responsibility if the parcel goes missing on the way to us.
– Please ensure that the card quality is in mint condition. Otherwise, we might only purchase it at 50% of the buy price or might not even purchase it depending on the damage condition.
( * Please bear in mind that we will not return the cards to you )

You will receive a notification email once the card quality checking process is complete. 

You will be paid through VGsingle Store Credit. (Store Credit can only be used on products, not shipping) 

Check out our buy list below (ENGLISH CARDS ONLY).


G-BT07 – Glorious Bravery of Radiant Sword
G-BT07/001EN GR Sunrise Ray Radiant Sword, Gurguit $22
G-BT07/001EN SGR Sunrise Ray Radiant Sword, Gurguit $35
G-BT07/004EN RRR Knight of Spring’s Light, Perimore $6
G-BT07/005EN RRR Heavenly Emperor Dragon, Dragonic Blademaster "Taiten" $12
G-BT07/010EN RRR Chronofang Tiger $6
G-BT07/015EN RR Scarface Lion $3
G-BT07/016EN RR Flame Wing Steel Beast, Denial Griffin $4
G-BT07/022EN RR Highbrow Steam, Raphanna $2
G-BT07/S01EN SP Black Seraph Gavrail $27
G-BT07/S05EN SP Heavenly Emperor Dragon, Dragonic Blademaster "Taiten" $22
G-BT07/S26EN SP Great Cosmic Hero, Grandgallop $27
G-BT07/S35EN SP Steam Maiden, Arlim $37


G-FC03 – Fighter Collection 2016
G-FC03/001EN GR Divine Knight of Rainbow Brocade, Clotenus $3
G-FC03/002EN GR Lord of Guidance, Wakahirume $2
G-FC03/003EN GR Meteokaiser, Bustered $6
G-FC03/004EN GR Genesis Dragon, Tran-else Messiah $2
G-FC03/005EN GR Dreamiy Axel, Milward $4
G-FC03/006EN GR Interdimensional Dragon, Warp Drive Dragon $6
G-FC03/007EN GR Demon Sea Queen, Maread $6
G-FC03/008EN GR Flower Princess of Perpetual Summer, Verano $4
G-FC03/011EN RRR Golden Knight of Incandescence, Ebraucus $1
G-FC03/012EN RRR Beast-Slayer Military Deity, Tyr $1
G-FC03/013EN RRR Flame Emperor Dragon King, Irresist Dragon $1
G-FC03/015EN RRR Destruction Tyrant, Gradogiant $1
G-FC03/020EN RRR Rebellious Retainer of Fresh Blood, Frederick $1
G-FC03/021EN RRR Lucky Rise, Elprina $5
G-FC03/023EN RRR Wild-Fire Mutant Deity, Staggle Dipper $1
G-FC03/025EN RR Holy Dragon, Laserguard Dragon $2
G-FC03/029EN RR Sacred Heaven Prayer Master, Reia $1
G-FC03/030EN RR Goddess of Seven Colors, Iris $1
G-FC03/031EN RR Flame Emperor Dragon King, Asyl Orb Dragon $1
G-FC03/040EN RR False Dark Wings, Agrat bat Mahlat $1
G-FC03/041EN RR Chainsaw Megatrick, Furnival $1
G-FC03/047EN RR Immortality Professor, Kundalini $1
G-FC03/048EN RR Sacred Tree Dragon, Rain Breath Dragon $2
G-FC03/049EN RR Air Element, Sebreeze $6
G-FC03/050EN RR Metal Element, Scryew $7
G-FC03/051EN RR Dark Element, Dizmel $8


G-BT06 – Transcension of Blade and Blossom
G-BT06/001EN GR Transending the Heavens, Altmile $12
G-BT06/002EN GR Ranunculus in Glorious Bloom, Ahsha $15
G-BT06/003EN RRR Counteroffensive Knight, Suleiman $2
G-BT06/004EN RRR  Dark Dragon, Spectral Blaster "Diablo" $12
G-BT06/005EN RRR Whirlwind of Darkness, Vortimer "Diablo" $11
G-BT06/006EN RRR Meteokaiser, Victor $6
G-BT06/008EN RRR Mist Phantasm Pirate King, Nightrose $17
G-BT06/009EN RRR Ghoul Dragon, Gast Dragon $2
G-BT06/010EN RRR Cornflower Maiden, Ines $2
G-BT06/012EN RR Hope Keeper $1
G-BT06/013EN RR Black Chain Flame Dance Formation, Hoel $6
G-BT06/016EN RR Curtain Call Announcer, Mephisto $2
G-BT06/017EN RR Crescent Moon Juggler $1
G-BT06/018EN RR Hoop Master $2
G-BT06/020EN RR Waterspout Djinn $8
G-BT06/021EN RR Ideal Maiden, Thuria $2
G-BT06/022EN RR Cherry Blossom Blizzard Maiden, Lilga $1
G-BT06/SR01EN Secret Blue Sky Knight Altmile $50
G-BT06/SR02EN Secret Ranunculus Flower, Maiden, Ahsha $75
G-BT06/SR03EN Secret Exxtreme Battler, Victor $50
G-BT06/S02EN SP Dark Dragon Spectral Blaster "Diablo" $40
G-BT06/S03EN SP Whirlwind of Darkness, Vortimer "Diablo" $22
G-BT06/S06EN SP Mist Phantasm Pirate King, Nightrose $42


G-BT05 – Moonlit Dragonfang
G-BT05/001EN GR Genesis Dragon, Excelics Messiah $12
G-BT05/002EN GR Dragon Masquerade, Harri $20
G-BT05/003EN RRR Dragon Destroyer Battle Deity, Kamu Susanoo $5
G-BT05/004EN RRR One Who View the Planets, Globe Magus $3
G-BT05/005EN RRR Conquering Supreme Dragon, Dragonic Vanquisher "VOLTAGE" $4
G-BT05/006EN RRR True Eradicator, Finish Blow Dragon $2
G-BT05/008EN RRR Jester Demonic Dragon, Lunatec Dragon $9
G-BT05/009EN RRR Nightmare Doll, Catherine $3
G-BT05/010EN RRR Clock Fencer Dragon $2
G-BT05/015EN RR Lightning of Triumphent Return, Reseph $1
G-BT05/016EN RR Arrester Messiah $3
G-BT05/017EN RR Lady Battler of the White Dwarf $1
G-BT05/018EN RR Blink Messiah $3
G-BT05/019EN RR Darkside Princess $9
G-BT05/020EN RR Darkside Mirror Master $8
G-BT05/021EN RR Darkside Sword Master $7
G-BT05/022EN RR Steam Maiden, Melem $6
G-BT05/SR01EN Secret Heaenly Battle Deity, Susanoo $20
G-BT05/SR02EN Secret Pentagonal Magus $25
G-BT05/SR04EN Secret Star-Vader, Chaos Breaker Dragon $65


G-BT04 – Soul Strike Against The Supreme
G-BT04/001EN GR Supremacy Black Dragon, Aurageyser Doomed $7
G-BT04/002EN GR Chronodragon Nextage $45
G-BT04/003EN RRR Aerial Divine Knight, Altmile $14
G-BT04/004EN RRR Holy Seraph, Raphael $12
G-BT04/005EN RRR Black Shiver, Gavrail $15
G-BT04/006EN RRR Mythical Destroyer Beast, Vanargandr $6
G-BT04/007EN RRR Mythic Beast, Fenrir $5
G-BT04/008EN RRR Force Spear Mutant Deity, Stun Beetle $3
G-BT04/010EN RRR Dream-spinning Ranunculus, Ahsha $15
G-BT04/014EN RR Black Record, Israfil $3
G-BT04/015EN RR Taboo Mage, Cafar $1
G-BT04/018EN RR Upstream Dragon $4
G-BT04/022EN RR Flower Garden Maiden, Mylis $3
G-BT04/S02EN SP Holy Seraph, Raphael $22
G-BT04/S03EN SP Black Shiver, Gavrail $30
G-BT04/SR04EN Secret Genesis Dragon, Amnesty Messiah $80
G-BT04/SR06EN Secret Chronodragon Nextage $85


G-BT03 – Sovereign Star Dragon
G-BT03/001EN GR Genesis Dragon, Amnesty Messiah $30
G-BT03/003EN RRR Sovereign Black Dragon, Aurageyser Dragon $14
G-BT03/004EN RRR Sovereign Dragon, Claret Sword Dragon $5
G-BT03/006EN RRR  Sunrise Ray Knight Gurguit $3
G-BT03/007EN RRR Divine Dragon Knight, Mustafa  $3
G-BT03/009EN RRR Nebula Dragon, Big Crunch Dragon $11
G-BT03/010EN RRR Abominable One, Gilles de Rais  $9
G-BT03/011EN RR Karma Collector $5
G-BT03/012EN RR Holy Mage, Pwyll $2
G-BT03/013EN RR Holy Mage, Bryderi  $4
G-BT03/020EN RR Scharhret Vampir $2
G-BT03/S07EN SP Nebula Dragon, Big Crunch Dragon $20


G-BT02 – Soaring Ascent of Gale & Blossom 
G-BT02/002EN RRR Divine Knight of Flashing Flame, Samuel $3
G-BT02/003EN RRR Conquering Supreme Dragon, Conquest Dragon $12
G-BT02/005EN RRR Interdimensional Dragon, Faterider Dragon $3
G-BT02/006EN RRR Marine General of Heavenly Silk, Lambros $20
G-BT02/009EN RRR Sacred Tree Dragon, Jingle Flower Dragon $5
G-BT02/011EN RR Bringer of Dreams, Belenus $3
G-BT02/012EN RR Dragonic Kaiser Crimson $3
G-BT02/013EN RR Voltage Horn Dragon $2
G-BT02/014EN RR Dragon Dancer, Anastasia  $6
G-BT02/018EN RR Ocean Keeper, Plato  $5
G-BT02/019EN RR Crayon Tiger  $4


G-BT01 – Generation Stride
G-BT01/004EN RRR Supreme Heavenly Battle Deity, Susanoo $5
G-BT01/007EN RRR Meteokaiser, Victoplasma $8
G-BT01/008EN RRR Exxtreme Battler, Victor $7
G-BT01/009EN RRR Interdimesional Dragon, Ragaclock Dragon $6
G-BT01/011EN RR Holy Knight Guardian $5
G-BT01/017EN RR Cool Hank $4


G-EB01 – Cosmic Roar
G-EB01/001EN RRR 99-gen Dimensional robo Commander, Great Daiearth $7
G-EB01/002EN RRR Super Cosmic Hero, X-Tiger $6
G-EB01/003EN RRR Great Cosmic Hero, Grand Gallop $6
G-EB01/007EN RRR Cosmic Hero, Granguard $4


G-CB01 Academy of Diva
G-CB01/001EN GR  School Etolie, Olyvia $30
G-CB01/004EN RRR  Miracle Voice, Lauris $3
G-CB01/007EN RR Admired Sparkle, Spica $2
G-CB01/004EN RR Superb New Student, Shizuku $4
G-CB01/S01EN SP  School Etolie, Olyvia $125
G-CB01/S04EN SP  Miracle Voice, Lauris $30
G-CB01/S07EN SP Admired Sparkle, Spica $22
G-CB01/S04EN SP Superb New Student, Shizuku $42


G-CB02 Commander of the Incessant Waves
G-CB02/001EN GR Storm Dominator, Commander Thavas $25
G-CB02/002EN RRR Blue Wave Marshal Dragon, Tetra-boil Dragon  $9
G-CB02/003EN RRR Blue Wave Dragon, Anger-Boil Dragon  $7
G-CB02/S06EN RRR One Who Surpasses the Storm, Thavas $45