About Vanguardsingle



Picture it in your mind…..

You are fighting on a planet cray, in a spirit form. Your opponent has suffered 5 damage points, it goes the same with you. It is your turn, you think to yourself “This is it, it’s now or never.”

You launch your Vanguard to attack. OMG, It doesn’t get through!

You know it…..It’s the end.

If only you have built your deck properly. If only you had THAT ONE card.

As your fellow CardFight Vanguard fighters, we have gone through the same story. For this reason and to help other Vanguard fighters out there, we decided to create Vanguardsingle.com.au.

  • * You can buy any card you desire, then build your ideal deck set.
  • * You can find out the estimate market price for a single vanguard card.
  • * You can browse through single Vanguard cards, its effects and get up to date. Even if you play the Japanese version, we provide translations.

Your purchase comes with a free card protector and shipping is free for Australian CardFight Vanguard Fighters.

Vanguardsingle.com.au is owned by Cosplay Ozanimart Pty Ltd. We are the official Bushiroad distributor for Oceania region. (don’t know where oceania is? It’s the area that covers cool countries such as Australia, New Zealand and other pacific countries)

Want to meet us in person? Challenge us for a game or two?

Then you are welcome to visit our playing area in Melbourne, Australia:

Level 1, 311 Elizabeth Street (Entrance for Little Lonsdale Street)
Melbourne Victoria 3000

Otherwise, simply call us:(03) 9005 8221 or click HERE to contact us.